• The Standard Model as an Effective Field Theory, PhD course at the DRSTP (Dutch Research School of Theoretical Physics) school in Dalfsen (the Netherlands), February 2020. Short course aimed to Dutch PhD students in the area of Theoretical High Energy Physics.
  • Machine Learning: a New Toolbox for Theoretical Physics, part of the Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics aimed to the PhD students of the Delta Institute for Theoretical Physics (Delta-ITP) from Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Leiden. The Study Guide for the course can be found here and the course GitHub repository containing the course materials (lecture notes, examples for the tutorial sessions) is available here.


  • Van Quantum Tot Molecuul, 2nd year course in the Medische Natuurwetenschappen BSc program at the VU Amsterdam. Lecture notes available below:
  • Quantum Field Theory Extension, MSc program in Physics and Astrononomy (joint UvA/VU degree). Lecture notes available here: