Current Members

Juan Rojo ( is Associate Professor of Theoretical Physics at the and staff member of the Theory group at Nikhef, the Dutch Institute for Subatomic Physics. Following a PhD in Barcelona and postdoctoral positions in Paris, Milan, and at CERN, he joined the University of Oxford in 2014 with a junior faculty position, before moving to Amsterdam in 2016. More details about Juan can be found here.

undefined Jake Ethier ( Jake obtained his PhD in Jefferson Lab in 2018, and then joined our group at Nikhef / VU Amsterdam as a postdoc. His research interests include QCD phenomenology, proton spin and nuclear structure, and hadronization. In 2019 he was awarded the GHP Dissertation Prize. You can find here Jake’s list of publications.

Emanuele Roberto Nocera ( Emanuele obtained his PhD at the University of Milano in 2014, followed by postdoctoral researcher positions at Genoa, Oxford, and Edinburgh. In 2017 he joined Nikhef after being awarded a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Intra-European Fellowship by the European Commission. You can find here Emanuele’s list of publications.

undefined Rabah Abdul Khalek ( Rabah obtained his Master in Particle and Nuclear Physics in the University of Paris-South in 2017 and then joined our group as PhD student. His main topics of interest are the partonic structure of nucleons and nuclei and the application of machine learning techniques to particle physics. You can find here Rabah’s list of publications.

undefined Emma Slade ( Emma joined our group in Oxford in 2016, following her MSc studies at University College London. Emma’s research interests include the partonic structure of the proton, perturbative QCD calculations, and effective field theories. You can find here Emma’s list of publications.

Samuel van Beek ( Samuel is carrying out his MSc research project within our group, where he is studying how to constrain the parameter space of the Standard Model Effective Field Theory using Bayesian Inference. Obtained his BSc from Utrecht and then joined the GRAPPA track of the Amsterdam Physics and Astronomy MSc.


(2014-2018) Luca Rottoli (PhD student). Luca joined our group in Oxford in 2014 to carry out his PhD students, following his graduation from the University of Milan. After successfully defending his PhD thesis in 2018, he moved to a postdoctoral position at the University of Milano-Biccocca jointly with UC Berkeley.

(2014-2018) Nathan Hartland (postdoc). After obtaining his PhD in the University of Edinburgh, Nathan joined the group first in Oxford and after 2016 in Amsterdam. Nathan’s current position is data science expert in a consultancy company.

(2015-2018) Valerio Bertone (postdoc). Following a PhD in Freiburg and a postdoctoral fellowship at CERN, Valerio joined the group in Oxford and then also transitioned to Amsterdam. He’s currently a postdoc at the University of Pavia in Italy.

(2014-2016) Marco Bonvini (postdoc). Marco joined our group in Oxford in 2014 following his PhD studies at the University of Genova and a postdoc at the theory group of DESY. He is currently a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at the Univeristy of Rome III.