Outreach activities and media appearances

Check here to get a glimpse of the research we carry out at the (Astro-)Particle Physics section of the VU Amsterdam.



2022 (intrinsic charm)

The following media pieces describe the findings of our Nature publication Evidence for intrinsic charm quarks in the proton (open access)




  • Outreach lecture: Artificial intelligence from basic research to real-life applications, at the International School of Delft (ISD) for Grade 6 students, November 2019.
Lecture on Artificial Intelligence, International School of Delft
  • Speaker, kick-off outreach event of the association of the Spanish Scientists in the Netherlands (CENL) Ciencia y Vivencias de los Cientificos Espanoles en Paises Bajos, Amsterdam, September 2019. Slides of the guest lecture can be found here:
  • My research has been highlighted in one of Nikhef’s PAPERCLIP 3-minutes video where I describe the results of our recent study of the simultaneous determination of the proton structure and of potential beyond the Standard Model physics effects.
My Nikhef’s PAPERCLIP video summarising the main findings of this paper


Introducing elementary particle physics to high-school students of the International School of Den Haag.


  • Author of popular science book La vida intima de las particulas” (the inner life of particles), originally published in Spanish and then translated to Italian and Portuguese.
From Democritus’ atoms to the Higgs Boson