• "La vida intima de las particulas: de los atomos de Democrito al boson de Higgs" (in Spanish). Editorial Materia, coleccion "Descubrir la Ciencia", published in November 2016.

"The inner life of particles: from Democritus' atoms to the Higgs boson" presents a pedagogical overview of our modern understanding of particle physics, from its main developments during the 20th century to the most recent discoveries such as that of the Higgs boson.

Portada Libro Particulas

More information about the book can be found in the following VU news item.


Media appearances




Outreach is an essential activity for a researcher, aiming to increase the awareness of the importance of basic research to the society as a whole. Here I list some of the outreach activities in which I am directly involved:


ISH LHC lecture

  • Rockets: a technological tour de force, my talk at the Group 7 Class of the International School of Delft, using rockets to illustrate the amazing developments of science and technology of the last decades.
  • Interview about Parton Distribution Functions and the LHC program with the Benasque ConCiencia group, during the "Parton Distributions for the LHC" workshop, February 2015 in Benasque, available from Youtube (in Spanish)
  • Particle Physics, CERN and the Large Hadron Collider, my talk at the Year 4 Class of the St Aloysius Catholic Primary School in Oxford. The original Keynote presentation, including all the animations, can be downloaded here. A slightly extended version of the talk, for Year 5 and Year 5 students during the school Science Fair, can be obtained here


  • Euresis Journal is a multidisciplinary, online, open-access journal edited by the Euresis Association whose main scope is to promote, at an academic level, an undestanding of science as a fully human pursuit, rooted into the universal human quest for beauty and meaning. I am the editor of this new journal, started in 2011 and that has already published six volumes, including contributions from Nobel Prize winners as John C. Mather and Charles M. Townes and Templeton Prize winners and well-known science popularizators as Paul Davies and John Polkinghore among many others. 
  • Talks to high school students: I often go to high school to talk about High Energy Physics and what is its impact on everyday life. This activity is essential to motivate good students to follow a scientific career. The slides of one of these recent talks, in the "Escola Pia" school of Vilanova i la Geltru (Spain) can be found here. A photo of this same event is found below.