Nikhef Topical Lectures

      Specialised graduate courses for PhD students

  •   Physics at Future High-Energy Colliders: Theory Vision, part of the Topical Lectures on Physics at Future Colliders
    • Part A: Particle Physics in the Higgs Boson Era and Precision Physics at Hadron Colliders
    • Part B: Physics at Future High-Energy Lepton-Lepton and Lepton-Hadron Colliders
    • Part C: Physics at Future Hadron-Hadron colliders

VU and UvA Master Course in Physics and Astronomy, Theoretical Physics Track

  • Quantum Field Theory Extension, part of the MSc course in Theoretical Physics jointly offered by the VU and the UvA. 3 ECT in January-February 2018. Lecture notes, problem sets and other course material will be available here.
    • Course guide from DataNose: .pdf
    • Extended course guide, outline, and syllabus: .pdf
    • Lecture notes: .pdf (updated 30/01/2018)
    • Problem sets: Problem Set I (deadline 18/01/2018) and Problem Set II (deadline 01/02/2018).

TU Delft

  • Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics, part of the 1st year Bachelor degree in Applied Physics at TU Delft. 6 ECT, Dec to Feb 2018. Course given as Guest Professor at TU Delft. Lecture notes, slides and other course material will be available here.
    • Lecture notes: .pdf (updated 13/01/2018)
    • Course overview and introduction to elementary particles (slides): .pdf (lecture 21/12/2017)
    • Problem sets Theory part  
      • Problem set I: .pdf (due 17/01/2018)
      • Problem set II: .pdf (due 24/01/2018)
      • Problem set III: .pdf (due 31/01/2018)
    • Video recordings of the lectures are available via Collegerama as well as via this public link (go to the 2017-2018 TN2811 banner on the left part of the website for this year's lectures) 



  • Topical Lectures on Symmetry, graduate course for Nikhef Ph. D. students. March 2017. My part of the course corresponds to ``Symmetries (and their breaking) in the Standard Model''. Lecture notes will be available here.

VU Amsterdam

  • From Quantum to Molecules (Van Quantum tot Molecuul), Medical Sciences BSc VU Amsterdam. January to March 2017. Course notes, slides and handouts are available here:

           Video recordings of some of the lectures of the course are available in this link, (View in Full Screen)

University of Amsterdam (UvA) and Nikhef



University of Oxford, 2015-2016

              Lecture 1: historical introduction to the Standard Model 

               Lecture Notes (updated 27/04/2016)

               Problem Set 1: QCD in electron-positron annihilation

               Problem Set 2QCD in DIS and in hadron-hadron collisions

               Problem Set 3Higgs and Electroweak theory




University of Oxford, 2014-2015

  • "The Standard Model and LHC phenomenology", Master in Mathematical Physics and Particle Theory Group graduate school course, 16 lectures, Hillary Term 2015

              Outline of the course and references
              Lecture 1: historical introduction to the Standard Model

               Lecture Notes (updated 05/06/2015, now including up to jet substructure)


Balliol College, University of Oxford, 2014-2015

  • Stipendiary Lecturer, first and second year Optics, second year Thermal Physics, third year Subatomic Physics


University of Oxford, 2013-2014

  • "The Strong Interaction and LHC Phenomenology", Theoretical Physics graduate school course, 16 lectures, Trinity Term 2014.

                 Outline of the course and references.
                 Lecture I: Motivation and historical introduction to QCD
                 Lecture 2: QCD Lagrangian, Feynman rules and symmetries  
                 Lecture 3: Asymptotic freedom and the renormalization group equations
                 Lectures 4 and 5: QCD in electron-positron annihilation, infrared divergences, Sterman-Weinberg jets
                 Lectures 6 and 7: Deep-inelastic scattering, the QCD parton model, Parton distributions, DGLAP evolution
                 Lectures 8 and 9: Perturbative QCD in hadron-hadron collisions
                 Lectures 10: Parton showers and Monte Carlo event generators
                 Lectures 11 and 12: Jet reconstruction and jet substructure
                 Lecture 13 and 14: Determination of the Parton Distribution Functions of the proton

Universita di Milano, 2008-2011

The above links contain the material of these course, including lecture slides and the reports of the students' projects. These projects cover various topics such as using Artificial Neural Networks to play Go or to recognize star constellations.

Universitat de Barcelona, 2002-2006

  • Teaching assistant of Mathematical Analysis
  • Teaching assistant of Quantum Mechanics