One of the main activities of PDF4BSM is to establish a strong visitor program in Oxford to develop synergies between researchers of different LHC communities with a common interest in parton distribution functions. A list of Oxford visitors supported by PDF4BSM can be found below:



Carlota did her undergraduate studies at the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, followed by a Master degree under the supervision of Carlos Salgado. Carlota's research interests focus on initial stage effects and jet quenching in high energy collisions at the LHC and they include nuclear Parton Distributions and medium induced gluon radiation.


Simone did his undergraduate studies at the University of Milan, followed by a doctoral studies at the University of Edinburgh, where he obtained his PhD in 2008. He then went on for postdoc positions at the University of Manchester (2008-2011) and Durham University (2011-2014) and he currently holds an LHC-TI fellowship at MIT. His research focus his in LHC phenomenology with particular focus on applying all-order techniques in QCD to Higgs production, jet substructure and small-x physics. 


Richard E. Ruiz is a K. Leroy Irvis Graduate Fellow and PhD Candidate in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Pittsburgh. His primary research addresses new tests of TeV-scale neutrino mass-generating mechanisms (Seesaw models), extended gauge sectors (LR-Symmetric, GUT models), and extended scalar sectors (SU(2)L doublets and triplets), with an emphasis on hadron collider signatures involving final-state scalar, vector bosons, and top quarks.