PDF4BSM team - current members

  • Juan Rojo (Principal Investigator)






Juan did his undergraduate studies at the Universitat de Barcelona, followed by a Ph. D. thesis under the supervision of Prof. Jose Ignacio Latorre and Prof. Stefano Forte. He has been postdoctoral researcher at LPTHE in Paris VI-VII, the University of Milano and INFN, and at the Theory Unit of CERN. Since April 2014 he is STFC Rutherford Fellow at the Rudolf Peierls for Theoretical Physics at the Physics Department of the University of Oxford.

  • Marco Bonvini (Postdoctoral Research Assistant)






Marco obtained his Master degree and PhD at the University of Genoa under the supervision of Giovanni Ridolfi and Stefano Forte, and then moved to the DESY Hamburg theory group as a research fellow for three years. Marco will join the PDF4BSM team in November 2014. His research activity is focused on precise phenomenology of QCD at hadron colliders, and in particular on the resummation of soft, high-energy and collinear logarithms. Marco's personal website is http://www.ge.infn.it/~bonvini/
  • Nathan P. Hartland (Postdoctoral Research Assistant)

Nathan completed his undergraduate masters at the University of Southampton, where his Master’s supervisor was Prof. Chris Sachrajda. He obtained his Ph.D at the Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics at the University of Edinburgh under the supervision of Prof. Luigi Del Debbio. Nathan's research interests lie in the accurate determination of parton distribution functions as part of the NNPDF collaboration and in numerical methods for high energy physics analysis.
  • Luca Rottoli (PhD student)

Luca completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Milano where he received his Bachelor degree under the supervision of Stefano Forte, Alessandro Vicini and Juan Rojo, followed by a Master degree under the supervision of Stefano Forte and Giovanni Ridolfi. Luca's research interests focus on QCD effects in the theoretical predictions at hadron colliders and they include the impact of soft gluon resummation and of PDF uncertainties on precision measurements of Standard Model observables.

  • Francesco Giuli

Francesco completed his undergraduate studies in 2012 at “La Sapienza” University of Rome where he received his Bachelor degree under the supervison of Prof. Pier Ferruccio Loverre; his bachelor thesis was about the phenomenon of neutrino oscillation. During summer 2013, he spent two months at CERN as Summer Student with the ATLAS Group of the University of Geneva (Prof. Giuseppe Iacobucci). In 2013, he started his work with the ATLAS Group (with Prof. Stefano Giagu) and his master thesis was related to the search for a pseudoscalar BSM Higgs boson in Zh decay channel.