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The goal of this workshop is to bring together the global PDF analysis and lattice-QCD communities to explore ways to improve current PDF determinations. In particular, we plan to set precision goals for lattice-QCD calculations so that these calculations, together with experimental input, can achieve more reliable determinations of PDFs. In addition we will discuss what impact such improved determinations of PDFs will have on future new-physics searches.

There will be introductory-level talks on the first day to bring each community up to speed on the current state of the other. The remainder of the workshop will be primarily devoted to discussion sections organized by topic.Short presentations will be scheduled as the required by the progress of discussion. We will address questions from both communities, and set 5-year precision goals for the lattice QCD calculations of high-impact quantities. The findings of the workshop will be compiled in joint-community white paper.




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The primary goal of this workshop is to bring together experts from both the theoretical and experimental communities, for a joint brainstorming on the status of research on PDFs and to identify the most pressing needs for the LHC Run II before the first data-taking takes place. We expect attendance of both experts involved directly in PDF determinations and experts from other subfields of QCD phenomenology with direct interest in PDF physics, and well as experts from the BSM community. We plan to identify which are the most urgent and promising research directions in PDF physics, in order to set up a roadmap for the community for the next year


The relevance of this workshop was highlighted from its appearance on different media, from an article in the UK newspaper The Guardian to a report and interview in the evening news of the Aragon Television (see here, around min 25)


This Workshop aims at maximizing the scientific opportunity presented by the forthcoming fully differential results for top pair production at NNLO, and the post-Higgs-discovery restart of the LHC at maximum energy. The meeting will bring together a group of experts in top physics and closely related subjects (parton distribution functions, parton showers, soft gluon resummation). The discussion will also be guided by the subtleties of experimental SM and bSM analyses.

The complete agenda of the workshop, including the slides from all presentations, can be found here.

  • NNPDF Collaboration meeting, Oxford, 8-9th September 2014

This meeting aimed to establish a roadmap for the developments of the NNPDF framework in the medium and long term. These developments include the use of more LHC data to constrain PDFs, theoretical upgrades like small-x and high-x resummation, intrinsic charm and approximate N3LO PDFs, and computational and methodological improvements.